Not sure how to start your video project?

Do you have an idea for software video training, but you're just not confident in getting started?

It can be confusing and time consuming - do you write the content in-house and outsource the video production? Or should you outsource the whole process?

Where will the videos be hosted? How much should you expect to pay per video? What happens if the software changes - will you need to do all the videos again?

Imagine knowing exactly what to do next

Imagine feeling confident that the solution you invest in will actually achieve your business goals.

Imagine not having to spend hours online researching all the different providers.

Imagine not having to recruit an expensive agency before you know exactly what you need.

How? Speak with an experienced consultant

We offer a service called roadmapping

So how does this work? 

We organise a 2/3 hour workshop, where we take an in-depth look at your requirements and objectives. After the workshop, I deliver a detailed report that will help you start your project with the confidence that you are investing your budget on the right solution.

Here's how it works:

Our roadmapping workshop will take place via video conference. Calls typically take 2 hours, but we’ll schedule longer just in case. 

On our call, we first define where you currently are with your idea. Then we identify your goals and the road blocks preventing you from reaching them.

Finally, we agree to a set of tactics that suit your business.

Within a week I'll deliver personalised, specific, step-by-step instructions for reaching your goals in a detailed report.

Ready to get started?

Apply to organise roadmapping here. This service costs £1,295+VAT.

Simply click on the button below to apply. I will review your application and get in touch to schedule the session.

But don't take my word for it - previous customers talk about their experience:


"When we started our project we weren't sure how to refine our content to produce the best learning outcome. We chose Roadmapping with Ant before investing in development. Ant took the time to understand our requirements after which we felt very confident in moving forward."

Kate Tym, Project Manager at Sedex


"Roadmapping was extremely helpful because it was our first time working on a project like this. Having the opportunity to openly discuss our unique challenges and review different strategies to improve was tremendous and I would encourage anyone building a digital training library to do the same."

Michelle Tolbert, HR Manager at Legends

Still have questions?

What happens after I apply? 

I will review your application and assuming we're a good fit, I will reply via email with payment details. Response time is usually about one business day.

What happens after I pay?  

Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive a link to schedule an appointment.

Do I have to work with you afterwards?

Definitely not - but we'd love to implement whatever we recommend. The beauty of this service is that the report is portable and you can take your new knowledge and plan elsewhere. The solution we deliver allows you to take the best next step, regardless of who that is with.

I’m nervous about sharing my business ideas...

Don’t be. All information you share with me is kept in the strictest confidence. We'll also sign an NDA before the roadmap begins because I will want to discuss details.

Who are you anyway?

I'm Ant and I've been creating systems video training for a long time. Most recently I've managed digital learning teams for several global brands and then ran a digital learning agency. Before that, I worked as both a software trainer and training manager and spent several years as a freelance instructional designer. You can learn more about me here.

I still have questions

That's fine, just email me at

What makes you so special?

Most agencies will sell you a solution before really understanding your project. They don't have the time or resources to sit down with you and really understand your project and what you want to achieve.

This is where I differ. By having the time to work through your project together, I can really identify the best solution to your challenge.

Availability is limited

I only take on two roadmapping projects per month, so if you're keen to get started please don't hesitate and risk missing out on one of the upcoming appointments.

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