Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work? 

We work with your product expert to learn your software, identify key topics and deliver a library of engaging, bitesized videos. For a detailed overview of our process click here.

What's the price?

A single video  ranges from $1000 to $2000 USD. All video projects require a different amount of work - learning your system, reviewing your current training material, the amount of videos you need, where the videos will be hosted etc. Therefore we write a custom proposal for each of our customers.

Can we buy one video?

No. As you can imagine, much of our upfront work goes into researching your product so we can provide incredible training. Therefore, we have a minimum engagement of 12 videos. Once we've delivered those, we can discuss additional videos.

What counts as a "bitesized" video?

Research shows that the optimal length to keep a viewers attention is around 3 minutes per video - so we'll aim for that. Any longer and we will recommend breaking it down into another video - although we won't be quibbling over minutes.

Will you need much of my time?

Our goal is to minimise your involvement so you can get back to your job. But you are the product expert, so initially we will need your support to get up and running. We're looking to build long-term relationships so you're involvement will decrease over time as our knowledge of your software and business grows.

As our software changes, won't the videos go out of date?

We will provide guidance on minimising redundant videos. As your product develops and changes, we will update or replace older videos as required. We will develop a roadmap and will be there for the long-term to support you as your product improves.

We would like a marketing video - can you do that too?

Our service is specifically for educational videos - but if you're looking for videos with more of a marketing feel, please get in touch and we can refer you to the right person. 

Why wouldn't I just make these videos myself?

You definitely could if you have the resource and expertise in-house. Our service isn't for everyone. Think carefully about writing scripts, finding a soundproofed recording environment and choosing the right voiceover talent to engage your users. Click here for our top tips on making systems videos. 

Do you have a library of videos that can be licensed?

No. We only create videos for specific client requests. 

Can I see some examples of your videos?

Of course, click here for recent examples. 

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